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Memory Lane

Last week my wife, Lynne, and I took a drive and a stroll down memory lane. Leaving Raleigh, with the wooden Arrow in tow, bound for the Maritime Museum in Beaufort, NC we had no plans other than reservations at the Pecan Tree Bed & Breakfast for one night. This was a special delivery.

My grandfather, Roy Pennington and my Uncle, Bobby Penning handcrafted the Arrow in 1948. Given as a gift to me from my uncle, painstakingly restored, keeping it locked up and out of sight in my garage didn’t seem to serve it justice. She’s a work of art. The Maritime Museum was kind enough to give it a proper home. I look forward to seeing her on infrequent trips to Beaufort. My wife looks forward to the additional storage space in the garage.

Dinner at Front Street Grill didn’t disappoint. It’s a short walk from Pecan Tree. My wife and I opted for the bicycle built for two. Simple pleasures mean the most. The cup of clam chowder was more than enough reward.

Without reservation, or reservations, and on the spur of the moment, we decided to take the ferry to Minnesott Beach making our way to New Bern for a day of downtown dining and shopping. New Bern has undergone an amazing renaissance the past few years. If it’s good enough for Nicholas Sparks, it’s good enough for me. A last minute reservation at the Captain’s Quarters B&B meant steamed shrimp and crab at MJ’s Raw Bar & Grill for dinner. Breakfast the next morning compliments of Mark, the new owner and innkeeper, motivated us to keep this mini excursion going. So we did.

A short drive to Aurora found us waiting for the Bayview Ferry crossing the Pamlico River bound for Belhaven. On a whim, we called River Forrest Manor and reserved a bungalow. It’s no longer a B&B with the restaurant I remember from the many summers growing up at Pamlico Beach. Long gone is the restaurant with a minor bird that greeted guests with a whistle followed by the one word he could utter, “hello.” However, the manor has been beautifully restored and is now used for community events. A community Easter egg hunt was slated for Saturday morning. Lynne and I managed to grab dinner at The Tavern at Jack’s Neck in downtown Belhaven between the storm squalls and nearly 40mph winds that buffeted Belhaven that Friday night. Located on a corner shoreline of the Pungo River, this is nothing new for Belhaven. Not even a newly constructed breakwater could protect the moored sailboats and trawlers anchored at the marina. That’s life on the Pungo.

It was here; nearly 40 years ago, I kissed a cute teenage girl who is now my wife. I guess I never really got over it, or her.

You may be wondering why there’s no Rose Bay Boat accompanying this post. It’s simple, what started as a quick trip to deliver a legacy to the Maritime Museum, turned into a drive down memory lane. Adventure doesn’t always require a boat, even for a boat builder. You can enjoy just as much from the view of the shore.

We love helping you make your memories. Every now and then, we like to share ours.

Press Ever Onward!

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